How to not cross the picket line if you absolutely need to buy something

I’m not here to wax poetic about anything so I’ll try to keep this short. (If you’re just here for the tips, skip to “The Tips! The Tips!”) I’ve been very privileged in certain ways my whole life, but escaping an abusive household doesn’t come without costs. I’m familiar with the struggle of hiding money,…

How does one “jump back into writing?”

I think you just do. The last time my blog existed on this earth, everybody in my family was still alive. Alas, that was one of the reasons why it had to go on an extended break. Then Gamergate began frogboiling us all and I tried to Homer myself into the bushes just as my…

Hello, world.

This site has been around both as a blog and non-blog since 1994. I’m thinking of “blogging” again, whatever that means. Blogging has never been less popular than it is today, which is why it’s the perfect time to bring it back, yeah?

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